Choosing your Door


Choosing Your Door.



There is a vast range of doors available to consumers and the task of choosing correctly can be daunting.  Whether you are looking for an interior or an exterior door the first things to consider are suitability, quality, and of course, cost.  

The product descriptions on our site will give you an excellent guide to the suitability of your chosen doors.

With regard to quality, the old adage “you get what you pay for” still holds true; and with higher quality comes higher cost.  Popular and classic designs of doors are made by most manufacturers, and the prices may differ for what appears to be the same product. 

Compare the method of construction, materials used, and the length of guarantee to help you decide.

Make sure you buy the right size.  It may sound obvious, but most doors fitted in existing frames will need some trimming.  Make sure that your chosen door is constructed to allow any necessary trimming without compromising the integrity of the door.

It is important to check that the doorframe is in good condition.  Hanging a new door on an old frame may save a few pounds, but can cause problems later, and end up costing you more than you initially saved.

Interior Doors

Choose your doors to match the style and décor of your home.  Dark stained Victorian panelled doors with modern furniture and colours will not look right, no matter how much you like them!

Consider adding glazed doors – they can “open up” your home and add character by letting through light from one room to another.

Exterior Doors

Choose a door that complements the exterior of your property and, if you are replacing the door because it is in poor condition, replace the door frame at the same time.

Wooden exterior doors are of an engineered construction to provide strength and durability.  However construction methods can vary between manufacturers so check the product description and the length of guarantee.

Be sure that the fitted door is finished according to our recommendations, your guarantee will be invalid on poorly finished doors.

Patio and French Doors

Softwood or hardwood?

Obviously hardwood will last longer and will cost more.  Hardwood patio doors are usually made from solid oak or engineered timber with oak veneer.  Modern construction methods have vastly improved the performance of veneered doors and this is reflected in the guarantees offered.  Some parts of solid oak doors are of a laminated construction to improve stability of the components.

Do you want the doors to open in or out?  Check the product description as some door sets will only open one way when fitted.

If your door set comes unfinished make sure you follow our guidelines for painting and staining so as not to invalidate your guarantee.