The colour accuracy of all product images is limited by the reprographic process and are for guidance only.

All information given below is intended as a guide only.

Specicifications may differ slightly between manufacturers or change without notice. 

Moulded door general specification

Door thickness

Imperial doors: 35mm (13/8”).
Metric doors: 40mm.
Fireshield doors: 44mm (13/4”).
Firemaster doors: 54mm (21/8”).


Doors are not suitable for rebating to form a pair.  Fire doors must not be trimmed on top edge, and only up to
5mm on bottom edge and 3mm on stiles.  Other doors can be trimmed up to a maximum of 5mm off any edge.

Glazed Doors

Glazed doors are supplied with glass toughened to the requirements of  BS En12600 and tested to BS EN 12150.

Door finishing

Moulded panel doors are suitable for paint finish only.  Door faces are supplied with a
white base coat ready for on site finishing.  Base coat and priming does not seal the door fully
against moisture penetration on site.

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors have the moulded panel design on both sides and are suitable for use as room dividers or 
wardrobe doors.  The doors are supplied pre-hinged with running gear included.  Door sizes shown are nominal,
with actual dimensions slightly smaller to allow for door gear and clearance.

Standard core

Economy core specification, with single lock block, for light duty applications.

Semi-solid core

Semi-soild doors are made with additional core components giving a heavier feel to the door.

Fire door core
Moulded fire doors are constructed using a high density extruded chipboard panel within a timber frame.

Fire Door Safety Information Bargain Doors FD30 doors are compliant with British Standards and the BWF Certfire Scheme.

Doors are rated FD30 when hung in appropriate frames with intumescent strips in jambs and head, or top and
long edges of the door.  Glazed doors are supplied with clear (unwired) fire rated glass as standard.

Apertures should  NOT be cut in fire doors on site and any such modification will invalidate the product certification.

In all cases doors require to be hung appropriately, in a suitable frame with fitted perimeter seals and compliant hardware.

Safe ‘N’ Sound

A solid core specification, in a standard thickness door, offering a substantial feeland two valuable advantages:
1. Fire resistance
Although not a fire door (Safe ‘N’ Sound should not be installed where a firerated door is required), due to its solid
construction, tests indicate that the door can contain a fire for more than twice as long as a standard core moulded panel door.
2. Sound reduction
In tests it has been demonstrated that Safe ‘N’ Sound makes a real difference in reducing sound transmittance from one
room to another.


10 Year Guarantee - Guaranteed for ten years against manufacturing defects.

Timber door general specification

Door thickness

Imperial doors: 35mm (13/8”) or 44mm (13/4”).
Metric doors: 40mm (except Pine doors: 35mm).
Fireshield doors: 44mm (13/4”).
Timber doors can be trimmed by up to a maximum of 5mm off any edge.

Door finishing

Wessex, Somerset oak, Shaker oak and Pine doors are supplied ‘naturally presented’ and ready for finishing on site,
with paint, lacquer or stain finish.


Single doors featuring bevel edged or decorative glass should be hung selectively to ensure fully matched glazing
if used as pairs.


10 Year Guarantees - Guaranteed for ten years against manufacturing defects apart from all Pine doors which are
guaranteed for two years.

2 Year Guarantees - Guarantees are subject to the products being treated in accordance with Bargain Door’s instructions 
for storage, handling, installation, maintenance and use and exclude ironmongery where applicable. Failure to follow
these instructions may invalidate your guarantee.  This does not affect your statutory rights.

Veneered & flush door general specification

Door thickness

Imperial doors: 35mm (13/8”) or 44mm (13/4”).
Metric doors: 40mm.
Fireshield: 44mm (13/4”). Firemaster: 54mm (21/8”).


Glazed doors are supplied with glass toughened to the requirements of BS EN 12600.  All unglazed products are
supplied to suit 6mm thick glass.


Single leaf Fireshield doors, swung as single acting square meeting stile arrangements, are approved for fire control
applications, providing the required installation criteria and intumescent seals are included.
However, Bargain Doors cannot guarantee matching aesthetics on veneered or Innova pairs.  In addition, rebated pairs, or
pairs with a double acting hanging action must be ordered specifically.


Veneered doors are manufactured using commercially available veneer cuts and lippings.
As with any natural material, colour and graining does vary and should be expected, according to species.
Our standard veneer cut specifications are:
Anegre – mixed crown, half crown & quarter cut.
Ash –mixed crown & half crown.
Ash Innova 1 panel – crown or half crown centre panel,
quarter cut stiles & rails.
Steamed Beech – quarter cut only.
Durador – rotary cut up to & including 826mm doors, above
826mm mixed crown & half crown.
Koto – quarter cut only.
Maple – mixed crown, half crown & quarter cut.
Sapele – quarter cut only.
White oak – mixed crown & half crown.
White oak Innova – 1p crown or half crown centre panel,
quarter cut stiles & rails.
Walnut – mixed crown & half crown.
Walnut 2 stile - quarter cut stiles & cross pieces.
White oak 2 stile – quarter cut stiles & cross pieces.

Door blanks

Popular door blanks are manufactured to enable FAST licencees to prepare bespoke size FD 30 fire rated fire doors
on a reduced leadtime.  The doors are veneered with Gaboon. 

Paint grade doors are supplied with beads unfinished ready for on site treatment. All other doors are supplied with
beads to complement the veneer faces.

Fire Doors

Fire door core
Flush fire doors feature either a modern, full, three layer, particleboard specification , or a traditional framed up solid core.

Glazed flush fire doors

Bargain Doors flush fire doors are compliant with British Standard testing and supported under audit by the BWF/Certifire
accreditation scheme.  This scope of approval includes apertured designs.

For FD30 doors, we use an intumescent gasket system which ensures that the glazed area of the door maintains
it’s integrity in case of fire, and provides a superior finished appearance.  Factory glazing is available with either wired or
clear fire rated glass options.

Apertures should  NOT be cut in fire doors on site and any such modification will invalidate the product certification.

In all cases doors require to be hung appropriately, in a suitable frame with fitted perimeter seals and compliant hardware.


10 Year Guarantee - Guaranteed for ten years against manufacturing defects.

Exterior door general specification

Door thickness

Standard doors: 44mm (13/4”).
Firemaster: 54mm (21/8”).
Fireshield: 44mm (13/4”).

Traditional hardwood, panel, flush and glazed fire doors are supplied with bead packs as standard.

Glazing suitability
Exterior feature and panel doors are suitable for double glazing up to 14mm thick, unless indicated for single glazing
only, ‘Part L’ compliance or supplied factory glazed.  Traditional feature doors are not available factory glazed,
finished or serviced or as a door set.
Exterior flush Fireshield, Firemaster and ExtraCore doors are supplied with clear wired fire rated glass as standard.
Standard core doors are supplied apertured only.
Garage doors are suitable for either single or 14mm double glazing, with beading supplied.

Door finishing
Traditional hardwood feature and panel doors require full decoration prior to installation.  Please note that hardwood
products may vary in finished appearance due to colour variation in timber materials.
By popular choice Hemlock panel doors are often stain finished on site, however, as ply panels may not match timber
framing, and visible finger joints may occur, this type of decoration may not achieve a satisfactory finish.  The use of
paint finish is therefore recommended.
Matchboarded doors are supplied ready for prompt on site paint finishing.  Appropriate stain finishes may also be used
but natural timber appearance and factory applied surface filler may be visible after decoration.  Exposed face knots
should be sealed prior to decoration to reduce the risk of resin ‘bleed’ which may occur naturally.  This is excluded from our
guarantee cover.  Matchboarded doors contain staple holes from the production process. These will require filling prior
to painting.

No factory applied preservative treatment is applied as part of any standard door specification.  Protection against moisture
ingress is essential to the longevity of any exterior product, and initial decoration must be appropriately applied and
coating maintained for the installed life of the unit. 

Pairs of doors are supplied rebated at meeting stiles and open right hand pull first.

Weather protection
To ensure door and door frame provide adequate performance in exposed situations, it is recommended that installation is
within a porch or canopy.  This is particularly critical with open in doors and pairs.

When installing flush or fire doors, if a letterplate is required this should be of the sleeved type to ensure protection
against water ingress into the exposed door core.  In fire doors letterplates must also be of an approved fire resisting design.

Face fixed weatherboards
On timber doors the addition of a face fixed weather-board is recommended, supplied loose, 930mm wide.  See our accessories section.

Fire door core
Exterior Flush fire doors feature a traditional framed up solid core.


1 & 2 Year Guarantees - Guaranteed for 1 or 2 years against manufacturing defects.

10 Year Guarantee - Guaranteed for ten years against manufacturers defects.

30 Year Guarantee - Guaranteed for 30 years against fungal attack and rot (softwood only).